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Rothschild 87, AVENUE ICON

Amid the succession of beautiful buildings that have won Rothschild Boulevard the coveted title of “World Heritage Site,” one unique structure stands out, with a distinctive charm that captures the gaze and hearts of all those who look upon it. Rothschild 87 is simply the highlight of the entire historic boulevard. A monument created as a tribute to the International Style and the architects who brought it to life; to this exceptional boulevard that serves as its foundations; to the history woven between its walls; and to the design, materials, and essential quality that transcend both borders and time.


The Penthouse – Apartment 15

The upper floors are home to a two-level penthouse, with spacious balconies looking out onto the boulevard from all sides. The floor containing the living room, kitchen, and master suite also includes a breathtaking private pool on an open terrace under the sky.


Rothschild 87 offers meticulously designed 2, 3, and 4-room luxury apartments that include private parking and a sun balcony. On the ground floor, a unique Tel Aviv oasis is found in the form of a garden apartment with a beautiful private garden.

Naturally, the project includes premium specifications of the highest available standards, from the outer structure, through the public areas, to the apartment interiors. All deluxe kitchens, tiling, and sanitaryware have been selected from the exclusive collections of international super-brands, presenting an infinite range of design options.

דירה קומה חדרים
Penthouse 5-6 5 View plan >
Apt Number 13 5 4 View plan >
Apt Number 10 4 3 View plan >
Garden Apt 1 Ground 4 View plan >
Garden Apt 2 Ground 2 View plan >
Garden Apt 3 Ground 3 View plan >
דירה קומה חדרים
Apt Number 4/7 1/2 4 View plan >
Apt Number 5/8 1/2 2 View plan >
Apt Number 6/9 1/2 3 View plan >
Apt Number 11 3 2 View plan >
Apt Number 12 3 3 View plan >
Apt Number 14 4 3 View plan >


Rothschild boulevard. Stretching westward from HaBima Square to Neve Tzedek, Rothschild Boulevard has been a Tel Aviv icon since those early days when the “city” contained no more than four streets and was still known as Ahuzat Bayit. Its planners’ groundbreaking vision gave the boulevard a central role in the urban development of what was to become the first modern, cosmopolitan Hebrew city. The beautiful buildings, cultural and community centers, cafes, boutiques, hotels, bars, kiosks, trees, flowerbeds, benches, and the many people walking among them testify to how prescient and accurate this vision was. Over the decades, Rothschild Boulevard has continued to fulfill its purpose as a contemporary urban icon whose story is intertwined with the story of Tel Aviv, and of Israel itself.

Rothschild 87 is found in this northern part, in an area known as “the White City,” which is considered one of the most remarkable examples of Bauhaus architecture in the entire world. UNESCO’s declaration of this area as a World Heritage Site in late 2003 set in motion Rothschild Boulevard’s reinvention as the most desirable luxury brand in Tel Aviv today.


The bold decision to place above the original 1930s architecture a separate structure of strong materials and contemporary design language was born out of the desire to respect the existing structure and to emphasizes it.

A sort of separate box, placed on top of it superficially, with almost no actual contact between them. The effect created by this disconnect highlights the iconic nature of the original, versus the innovation of the addition creats a fascinating dialogue between two periods. A white concrete structure, classic and clean, and above it, a floating mass exuding a language of progress, with material warmth full of life and power, The result: a breathtaking, mesmerizing structure that is truly one of a kind, even amid the boulevard’s spectacular surroundings.

All viewers experience the feeling of moving between eras: going back in time to the early days of the White City and enjoying the building exactly as it was a century ago, while also appreciating the work that transcends borders and time, and now stands before them at the heart of the boulevard.


Baumail House at 87 Rothschild Boulevard is no longer a mere heritage building, but a rare architectural creation steeped in the extraordinary mythos of the past that has become part of the city’s historic urban fabric. Located at the heart of the White City. Its construction is very typical of its time, in terms of its scale, design, and construction elements.

The original structure’s volumetric simplicity, special details, displaying the best of Israeli modernism. The building includes two wings on different levels, connected by a stairwell. Its facade takes the form of two clear cubes, with one facing the street and one retreating to the interior. The design of these facades is based on subtracting volume from the primary structure. The result is simple, but of the highest complexity and quality.


Active since 2002, the firm has a team of six architects headed by Ori Scialom, a graduate of the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology and La Villette in Paris and a member of the faculty at Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design, Jerusalem. Stability Studio has extensive experience in urban planning, residences, and public buildings. All planning work begins by gaining understanding in order to produce a basis for future practical activity. The client’s needs and budget are of the utmost importance, and deep thought is invested in each project in order to craft a unique design. The preservation of this building gives it a special character that uniquely distinguishes between original and new, respecting the historic structure and precisely separating the two sections, using the latest construction technologies.

Developers: Eli Lavie and Dror Nagel

The developers behind the Rothschild 87 project are real estate professionals with many years of experience in establishing and initiating projects throughout Israel. Through Kav HaYam Real Estate, Eli Lavie has been engaged in the real estate market since 1994, gaining extensive experience in residential construction, preservation buildings, urban renewal, building rental, and income-producing properties. Dror Nagel, who served as Azorim CEO until 2019, is a developer who has also held senior executive positions in the banking, capital market, and institutional sectors. The company is currently promoting projects in prime locations in Tel Aviv and the surrounding area, including Stricker 24-26 (corner of Louis Marshall St.) in Tel Aviv, HaMaalot 19 and HaGilboa 8 in Givatayim, and several Vacate & Build projects involving hundreds of apartments.

Design: Basman/Tenenbaum Development: Binternet
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